Digital World-2017



“Digital World” is the largest tech expo in Bangladesh. “Digital World 2017” is the sixth event in a row. At first, it was held in 2011 as “e-Asia 2011”. Since then ICT Division has been continuing hosting this event every year. In 2012, this event was renamed as Digital World and subsequently ICT Division hosted Digital World in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

This concurrent mega event started on December 06, 2017 with the slogan “Ready for Tomorrow”. The event has been attended by more than 500 exhibitors from Bangladesh and abroad including policy makers, senior government officials & ministers, industry leaders, civil society spokespersons, investors and multinational software vendor.

Digital World

It is the largest ICT Expo of Bangladesh which hosts IT Industry, Government, Academia, professionals, industry leaders, innovative products and services to highlight the achievements, applications and economic potentials of ICT. This event provides a platform to establish network with the local and regional/global IT-ITES industry leaders and experts with a view to sharing their best practices and experiences.

This year’s Digital World’s major attraction was APICTA Zone. There APICTA Economies have showcased their projects. More than 20 business projects were showcased successfully. Besides, B2B matchmaking session took place in Digital World 2017. More than 50 successful B2B matchmaking sessions from the APICTA Economies took place. More than 200 visitors among APICTA delegates visited Digital World 2017. Also, “APICTA Youth Carnival” was also organized where an interactive session took place among 200 Bangladeshi & APICTA Economies school, college & university students.




High Level Government Officials




visitors from APICTA Economies

Digital World 2017 will serve as a platform to connect investors, innovators, entrepreneurs, industry leaders and IT workforce of the country. IT companies, startups and public sector organizations will showcase their products, services and their readiness to take up future challenges. In addition to these, seminars, policy dialogues and conferences for government leaders, entrepreneurs, developers, women and children in IT will be arranged.

Digital World 2017: Ministerial Conference Digital World 2017: Ministerial Conference

A separate APICTA Zone has been provided for the economies of the 17th APICTA Awards Dhaka. The APICTA Zone has been placed in a suitable location of BICC.

Participants of APICTA Economies have participated in this B2B Matchmaking session. More than 50 successful B2B matchmaking sessions took place. This networking session has introducedAPICTA Economies business by creating partnership with Bangladesh. Participants of APICTA Awards along with any non-entries/non-participants from APICTA economies joined this session.

APICTA Economies have come on board and became an exhibitor during the Digital World 2017 event. More than 20 showcasing took place from the APICTA Economies. These economies have participated in the showcasing along with the 300 exhibitors of Bangladesh.